Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brandon & Robyn,

It's hard to explain the feeling of seeing our own little family growing and expanding into a brand new generation. All of the emotions of the the last 28+ years come flooding back, as you reflect back on some of the same thoughts and feelings that you are having, as we started our own little family with you Brandon. Were does the time go. I never would have believed that it could actually go this fast. 
Can you believe that you are actually parents? It's a term that will cause you to utilize and  experience all of the emotions of this life. This little new life that you have created, as perfect as she is, is about to take you both, on the ride of your life's. Hang on, because it just shifted into a high gear. One day you are going to be wondering where the time went as well. Enjoy every minute. You'll never get it back.
This little perfect bundle of joy is just the beginning. Just think about what an amazing time you are living in. Look how easy it is to document the life and times of your family. 
I think back on all that I could have done, but didn't because it might have taken a little extra time and effort. That's the examples of my past. Had I not married your mom and been introduced in the world of taking pictures from John, I would have been in a world of hurt. I'm grateful for what I have done, but sad because of what could have been.
I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for the blessing that He has  blessed you with. It's always a good feeling to see the fruits of your prayers. 
As a parent, you are constantly thanking and pleading with your Heavenly Father to watch over and bless your family. It's comforting to know that you will never forget to acknowledge His hand in all of the blessings that you have receive. It's good to be grateful.
Navi is so amazing. Thank you soooooo much for giving us the opportunity to be grandparents. We're going to be really good at it.We are so looking forward to it. She is without a doubt going to be the most loved member of the family.